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"Three leakage" diesel harm and management methods

Created On Monday May 16, 2011 19:22 Diesel Talk
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"Three leakage" is diesel fuel oil, water, a flat abbreviation. "Three leakage" diesel engines are very dangerous: one is the increased oil consumption, waste energy, increase the homework cost; Two is to accelerate the mechanical parts wear, technical state deterioration, power down; Three is to shorten the service life of the machine parts, increase the cost of repairs; Four is prone to accidents; Five is the effect of cars should be neat appearance was and machine car; Six is the pollution of the environment. Therefore, if the diesel engines appear "three leakage", should be timely repair. Below introduced several governance "three leakage" method, for JiShou trial.

First, plus mat to leak law: diesel engines hose connector leakproof gasket leaks oil, can be in leakproof on both sides of the gasket add a layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic mat, forcibly tightened can prevent leakage.

Second, QiPian fluid to leak law: diesel fuel tanks, water tanks, the crankcase etc, seams leakage QiPian on alcohol will soak QiPian liquid daub after the juncture in clean can be put to leak. But QiPian cost high, average in an emergency use only.

Three, taking the oil to leak law: diesel fuel tank pan, cylinder head, gear battery-compartment cover, the crankcase back cover of the place such as paper pad when leakage, as long as the paper pad in good condition, jointing surface cleaning, both sides can in the paper pad with a layer of butter, tighten bolts can prevent leakage. If change, with new paper pad before installing new paper pad to soak in diesel 10 minutes, then remove them rub-up, wipe a layer in mating surfaces on reload butter.

Four, liquid sealed plastic to leak law: diesel engines appear on the solid gasket defects (such as pit concave, groove, rupture) and the formation of interface sex leakage and destructive in liquid leakage sealant daub is on clean on the solid gasket combination, after curing can form even, stable and continuous strip sex film adhesion of can be all can prevent and cure gasket, leakage phenomenon.

Five, anaerobic adhesive to leak law: the ventilation diesel engines bolt, stud, screw plugging the place such as leakage, with appear anaerobic adhesive daub is on the bolts and thread clean or screw hole, can quickly fill parts form a thin film, curing space, and can withstand the tremendous pressure, but also has a shock resistance and against pine tightening function. As for diesel high-pressure hose connector in thread, put to leak better effects.

Six, size restore glue to leak law: diesel engines with the shaft bearing and bushings, bearing, valves and valve sit, since the tight seal, felt cup and the place such as overhauling leakage packing size available in clean blot out the recovery glue with a worn parts until after curing, they form a wear-resisting, heat-resistant, mechanical strength high film layer, and then for cars, boring, blow, file etc machinery processing, restore parts of geometric shape and cooperate with precision and solve. Seepage problem.

Seven, sticky glue to leak law: for diesel engines body parts, such as oil tank, cistern, tubing, conduit of the place such as sand holes, stomata caused by leakage for glue stick in clean blot out the's lesions, can receive to leak effect.

Article from www.emacsz.com

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