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bad fuel?

Created On Friday October 14, 2005 08:33 Diesel Talk
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1st time posting
I've come into possesion of a 1990 Bluebird shortbus w/a chevy 6.2, apparently it sat for awhile.
This is my 1st diesel vehicle. I'm gonna convert it into a camper.
When I initally got it to run, after dealing with the battery situation... it smoked real bad white/blue-ish, like it was on fire.
After a few tests runs down the road it eased up a little bit, now today I ran it for about 15 minutes and the smoke cleared up, but with a significant decrease in power.
I checked the dipstick and it seems ok, (no water/oil mixed).
I'm gonna drain the old fuel, do an oil change and replace the filters.
Is there any tell-tale signs of trouble I should be looking for???

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