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blown 07' cummins

Created On Sunday January 01, 2012 11:20 Diesel Talk
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I blew up my 07' cummins and before I put a new motor in it, I want to make sure that I diagnose the problem correctly so it doesn't happen to the new motor.
The morning of the incident, I was warming up my truck when I notice the oil pressure slap down to the zero mark and right back up to the standard position, worried, I shut it off and checked all the fluids. All seemed well so i drove on, about three hours later driving down a small grade with no load and in 6th, the motor violently knocked twice and on the third knock sent cam parts and a fire ball out the left side of the block.
If anyone has any info I would much appreciate the help. Have a wonderful day.
had 128,000 on it

Jesse Coleman

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