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dt466 question

Created On Tuesday April 28, 2009 07:12 Diesel Talk
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I recently changed engines in my dump truck, it had a dt466 210hp in it. Something let loose in it so I found another truck with
a dt466 in it and changed them. The new motor runs good and clean but it has alot less power. I think it might be 170hp but
I don't know for sure because the sticker is missing. Can I put the injector pump and/or turbo from the blown motor on this one?
Will this increase th power or will it blow this motor? It's in a dump truck. The 170 motor came from a '84 tractor, it has the intercooler.
The 210 was in my '84 dumptruck, that had no intercooler, but everything else looks the same. The 170hp was rebuilt, but the difference
in power is awful. Any help would be great, thanks.
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If you have the serial number of the truck the engine came from.....call IH and they can give you a print out on the truck. You should be able to tell the HP and more about the engine that way. There are many different pumps, turbo's, injectors and pistons used in the DT466. You have to match up parts that are compatable.

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