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hard shifting tranny!!!!

Created On Monday June 11, 2007 04:26 Diesel Talk
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i have a 1996 F-250 4x4 it has 214000 on it. rhe fluid is kinda brown. it shifts hard but only when you have alot of gas pushin though it. and suggestion on what to maybe help it. also is a plow truck... thanks

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1996 F-250 with a 7.3
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Several things to do: 1-change fluid either dino oil or synthetic, 2- install a transmission oil pan plug, 3- make sure that you replace the in-pan filter, [4X4 and non 4X4 are different], 4- toss the old transcooler and install a decent one on the outside of the radiator. Transmission fluid should NEVER look nasty or smell bad. This leads to early failure of transmissions. Everyother year is recommecded, 20K miles, or 40K on synthetic oil.
I run synthetic oil, have a large trans cooler, added an extra filter in the return line to the transmission, installed a drain plug. Every other year I drain the trans,drain the torqueconvertor,replace the filter. This is just me and my thing. Total fluid change is approx. 16 qts for me.
Try the fluid change and run it normally for 4K, then work it good. Hope this clears up your shift problem.

DDA tech for 30 years,all 2 cycle,series 60,50 mbe also.
1995 F250, 191k mi.
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