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help needed down under

Created On Tuesday July 29, 2008 02:31 Diesel Talk
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G'day everyone.
Found your site in my help for some help down here on Oz.
A country boy came to Sydney to buy a ute (Aussie version of a pick up) for the farm.
It is a 2.5 Turbo Diesel (fitted in the mazda B series 4 x 4 pick up) 2000 model with 100K (60K mls) on the clock. A good service history every 20K (12k miles) . Had problems kicking over at the dealers, thought flat battery from sitting in the yard. On pick up started first time (thanks to new battery) (immediately suspicious when the dealer told me he put a new battery in!!!) drove home like a dream. Had an absolutely empty fuel tank so I popped in $25 worth of diesel.
So this morning hoping to drive home out of Sydney the ute wouldn't start. Lots of go in the battery but no start. The water in fuel indicator on the dash was on so I replaced the fuel filter (full of water and crap) bled the system, still no start. Turned the old girl over with the glow plugs out to remove the watery fuel. Replaced the glow plugs, rebled the system, still no start.
Spoke to a few Ford mechanics and was told I've done everything right.
Any help greatly appreciated here.
Have I bought a lemon or is it something simple.

Hope this is your league and not too small scale for you blokes.

Thanks mate
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