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kta50g3 part identification

Created On Monday June 30, 2014 11:54 Diesel Talk
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I have recently had a radiator burst on a kta50g3 (only replaced last year) the radiator guys have pointed to the following unit as the culprit but they have no idea what it is.

unit image

I have seen plenty of kta's, but never with this fitted. It looks to me like some kind of boost control/over pressure protection? but I'm confused about the way that it is plumbed. The hose on the left hand side of the regulator goes to the inlet manifold. The hose on the right hand side of the diaphragm valve is plumed straight into the radiator (coolant) header tank???? I would expect that hose to connect to a waste gate actuator if the kta had one. the clear hose (brown) from the diaphragm valve I free to air.

any info as to how this setup works would be much appreciated.


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