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mitsubishi powered genset stalls after cold start from low oil pressure

Created On Tuesday July 28, 2009 08:19 Diesel Talk
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I have a 1980's vintage Rudox 45kw genset powered by a Mitsubishi 4d31T engine. Every time I start it cold it immediately fires right up and stalls a second later. Starting it a moment later it runs fine. After I noticed the fuel solenoid automatically shutting down In thought it may be a control issue so I manually held it and it cold started fine, but the genset's control panel "low oil pressure" indicator was on. The separate oil pressure gauge indicates good pressure whenever the engine is running. This leads me to believe the control panel might be getting a false LOW PRESSURE reading from a sensor (switch?). Does this sound like I'm looking in the right direction? I know where the gauge sending unit is mounted, however there are 2 other sensors which I believe to be oil pressure related. One is towards the rear of the engine plumbed by the pressure sending unit and the other is towards the front of the engine wired in series to an alternator lead (not the hot lead). Can anybody shed some light on the situation or is there an easy way to trace the wiring to the pressure saftey system?

Sorry if I'm posting to the wrong category, or wrong forum completely.
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