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stops running when low on fuel (1/4 tank)

Created On Saturday March 31, 2007 23:47 Diesel Talk
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I have a 2000 f250 with 7.3, when I get low on fuel 1/4 tank it starts running rough & loss of power then dies. prior to the dying problem it sounds like it is sucking air and has been like that for a long time. when i fill it back up after the dying it runs rough for a few miles then goes sounds and runs fine till next time.Have no fault codes and when a fill it back up only takes about 20 gallons to do so, I figure that rules out the fuel gauge. I have run klen diesel & lucas in the fuel & changed the fuel filter at the engine. Dont know if thereis one in the tank or notheard it was a screen.would like any input

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You might have 1/4 tank of fuel left as you said, however this does not eliminate the possiliby of a problem in the fuel tank itself. I cannot remember what I had for a suction line when I had my tank down. I have 2 tanks on mine BTW. My year did not have just 1 as yours does. 2 possilibies come to mind. 1 being the suction line was cut a little shorrt at the factory and thus you still fuel, just not enough line to reach it. The fuel line normally goes ALMOST to the bottom, not al the way. You do not want to suck up all the crud if there is any. The secone idea is the fuel suction line is to long and it 'flips' because it touches the side of the tank or bottom of the tank. Either way if you are ambitious today or tomorrow, remove the tank and investigate the problem.I needed a special tool to slip under the connections to remove the fuel lines from the top of the tank. Sorry to be a a downer on April 1.

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