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what’s common mistakes we usually make in operating of diesel generator

Created On Wednesday May 11, 2011 23:35 Diesel Talk
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It will shorten generator sets lifetime if wrong operation. So here we summarized what mistakes we usually make to remind you.
The first mistake: running diesel engine without enough lub oil. Insufficient oil supply will cause friction surface insufficient oil which will abnormal abrasion or burn-out. So we must check oil level before generator sets starting and during generator sets running in order to avoid malfunction like cylinder or shell burn.
The second mistake: emergency stop with load or immediate stop once discharging load.
water circulation will stop after generator sets stop, so the heat dissipation will decline immediately and the heated parts have no time to cool, this will cause cylinder lid and liner overheat, cracks or even piston stocked in the cylinder due to over expansion. another hand, if diesel generator sets stop without cooling down, the friction surface will not have enough oil, the abrasion will be increased due to lub condition after restarting next time. so diesel generator sets must run without load for several minutes to cool down for stop.
The third mistake: generator sets carry load without its warming after cold start.
During cold start of generator sets, the oil is very viscous and flows slowly, this will cause friction surface has not enough oil supply that cause problems like cylinder or shell burn. so generator sets must run with idle speed to increase temperature till above 40?, then carry load, generator sets start with low speed and run for some while at every stage of speed till oil temperature normally and oil supply sufficiently. then it can turn to normal running.
The fourth mistake: accelerating fuel throttle after cold start.
diesel engine rotation will increase immediately after accelerating fuel throttle, this will speed up abrasion due to lack of lub oil among friction surfaces. in addition, piston,connecting-rod and crankshell are easy to break due to fierce hit in that condition.
The fifth mistake: the generator sets run under condition of insufficient cooling water or high cooling water and oil.
insufficient cooling water will decrease the effect of cooling. reversly will make engine overheat; if cooling water and oil temperature are very high, it will also cause engine overheat. so cylinder lid, liner, piston kit and valve all will be overheated, which will decrease mechnical strength and deform. all these will cause abrasion, cracks and malfuction. another hand. diesel engine overheat will also compound fuel burning, abnormal working of nozzle, low-quality pulverization and more carbon deposit.

The Performance of Cummins diesel generator set
Compared to other diesel generator set, Cummins diesel generator set has its unique properties, here we mainly illustrate the design characteristics of Cummins diesel generator set and unique properties of its internal systems.
(1) Basic design features of Cummins diesel generator set.
Firm cylinder body design , low vibration, low noise; inline 6-cylinder 4-stroke, smooth running, high efficiency; replacement of wet-type cylinder liner, long life, easy maintenance; two cylinders of a cover, 4 valves per cylinder, adequate intake, positive water cooling, small thermal radiation, and superior performance.
(2) Fuel system of Cummins diesel generator set.
Cummins patented PT fuel system, unique speed protection device; low-pressure pipeline, few pipelines, low failure rate and high reliability; high-pressure injection, full burning. Equipped with fuel supply system and oil return check valve, safe and reliable use.
(3) Air intake system of Cummins diesel generator set
Cummins diesel generator set is equipped with dry-type air filter and air resistance indicator, using HOLSET turbocharger to ensure adequate air intake, and performance is guaranteed.
(4) Exhaust system of Cummins diesel generator set
Cummins diesel generator set adopts pulse dry-type exhaust pipe which use exhaust energy effectively and develop the engine performance fully. Exhaust pipe with 127mm inner diameter and exhaust bellows equipped are easy to connect.
(5) Cooling system of Cummins diesel generator set
Cummins diesel engine adopted gear centrifugal pump within positive water-cooling, large-flow channel design, good cooling effect which can effectively reduce the thermal radiation and noise. Unique spin-type water filter to prevent rust and corrosion, control the acidity and remove impurities.
(6) Lubrication system of Cummins diesel generator set
60GAL variable flow oil pump with signal control of the main oil path, and adjust pump volume according to pressure of the main oil, optimize oil volume access to the engine; low oil pressure (241-345kPa), these measures can effectively reduce the pumping power losses, increase power and improve engine economy.
(7) Power output of Cummins diesel generator set
Crankshaft pulley with double-grooved power output is equipped before absorber, and multi-grooved driving pulley is also installed at the front end of Cummins diesel generator set, which both can carry front-end power output device.

News from EMAC International Trading Co., LtdET Power Machinery Co., Ltd

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