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Is it really a F3-6L912/W??????

Created On Tuesday 20, December, 2011 12:28 PM by GTBEngineer

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Diesel Talk Forum
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I am an engineer for a tugboat company in the states and while taking over for the guy that just retired, I have stumbled across a deutz engine behind the shop in the weeds wrapped up. I have pulled it out and found it is also mounted to a big 8 inch pump on a trailer. I could not find a data plate except for a little sticker that does say it is a F3-6L912/W. My question is, is it really a F3-6L912/W? It is air cooled which I guess is common since most Duetz engines I have seen on the internet, but the 6L throws me off. It is a 3 cylinder diesel and I have seen pictures of a F3-6L912 but they were not 3 cylinder diesels, some of them looked to be 4 Cylinders. I am use to Perkins, EMD's, Cats, and Detroits with how they classify their engines but I can not find any information around the shop for this Duetz. I would love to rebuild it and attach a generator to it for a type of emergency generator for the tugs but I guess the first step is to figure out what it really is. The stamp on the block is 21357158 (serial number?) but there is another 4 numbers stamped under it which is 2641. Any information on how to go about looking for more information or anyone that can help tell me about it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I am just looking to figure out what it really is. Thank you all!


A fleet engineer for a tugboat company in Detroit, MI
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Good evening. Your engine is probably an F3L912 - this range was very widely used but is out of production I believe since many years. I am sure that spare parts are still available. The 3 relates to the number of cylinders and this engine was available in 2,3,4,5,6 cylinder versions - all air cooled. The W relates to a special version (indirect injection) which was used underground and in some forklifts. 21357158 is probably not the serial number - the serial number is on a plate (sounds like yours is maybe missing) but the serial number is normally stamped elsewhere on the engine block. If you can get the spare parts and a workshop manual it is probably worth rebuilding.
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i have been working in deutz engine all my life it is a 3 cylinder deutz air cooled engine what you have but the only problem is the W as thier are 3 families for this engine F , D and W and believe me the W is the trickiest and hardest one as the difference is in the combustion chamber and the length of the piston and ofcourse the ratio as it 19 :1 for the W while the other ones are 17 : 1 also thier will be difference in the length of the con rods and the engine block so my advice for you if you want to re built the engine you better check out for the spare parts you might need as it would be scarce and expensive and you might considering replacing the whole engine with a more common model

humble engineer
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