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Kubota D950 vs Universal M25XP... timing (valves & fuel)

Created On Monday 13, April, 2009 12:34 PM by Bigboat69

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hello. I have a good running D950 tractor motor and a seized Universal M25XP. From what I understand, these engines are basically the same with the D950 being the core of the M25XP. Everything from the bad Uni has largely just bolted onto the good Kubota. Where I'm running into a problem is the valves and fuel injection timing. From having worked on Universal motors before (and confirming this with my Universal manual) the valve clearances should be set at compression TDC cold at .007 and fuel injection should be timed at 25 degrees before TDC.

When I started, I noticed a few odd things when compared to what I'm used to. 1) The "1TC" marking on the flywheel is actually 3TDC. (Everything I know about Universals is that #1 is always the one closed to the V-belt). 2) The fuel injection seems to be timed to come at right at TDC not 25 degrees before! 3) the clearances before I started were .014 exhaust and .000 intake. (This is also the maximum gap at any point of rotating the engine.)

So basically my questions are these:

1) Where is the timing mark on a Kubota D950 ( or D850 or D750 which all same stroke)? It seems that there's a raised tip about the size of a pencil eraser at 11 o'clock that when lined up with the 1TC mark on the flywheel gets cylinder #3 in TDC
2) Is it really possible that Kubota number's the cylinders different that Universal? Both engines turn the same way (counter clockwise when facing the flywheel) but the Uni goes 3-2-1 and the Kubota goes 1-2-3.
3) What is involved with adjusting the fuel cam shaft's rotation? So far I've replaced starters, alternators and heads on this engine... never a full tear down. From what I see here: Marine Diesel Direct -- Universal M25XP Fuel Cam Group it looks somewhat straight forward... once I get down to it, I remove the Circlip and then the pump gear, rotate the cam and then put everything back together. Keeping those ball bearing in place behind the gear might be challenging though!

PS For those that are wondering, I understand the whole concept of "rocking the rockers" until they're at their most open / watching the valve open and close to confirm which is exhaust and which is intake. I literally just did a valve adjustment on a universal 5411 / Z500 last week. Dealing with this last stretch of this engine, I feel like I'm the one who didn't take my crazy pill.
PPS The Kubota ran with the valves in those settings but coughed a little black smoke when I gave some throttle. Fuel good, air intake clear, exhaust not blocked, injectors check out fine. I figured I'd set the valves and then spray some SeaFoam through the air intake to clear the black smoke.

On a side note, it seems that every D950 or similar I see running on YouTube belches a little exhaust with throttle. Thoughts?

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Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
I know this post is really old, but did you ever get this sorted?

I'm about to buy a d950 and perform the same swap.
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