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loss of power after a time. merc 508d

Created On Saturday 24, January, 2009 6:33 AM by jalopylover

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Diesel Talk
hi everyone.
i came across this forum while browsing for solutions to my loss of power problem. (i spotted a posting from 2004 describing my very issue) so i hope somebody out there can help me.
i have a 1976 3.8l mercedes engine which loses power after running for 20 or so miles, it gradually gets less and less powerful until eventually it stalls. after sitting for maybe half hour, it will run again, however not for long before it misbehaves in the same way.
i have renewed the fuel filter, had the fuel lines blown out, used a diesel treatment to clean the injectors etc, given an oil and filter change and use an engine flush, and renewed the oil in the bath filter. i can't find any blockages or collapsed hoses or anything in the air intake side of things... the exhaust isn't excessive or black, or blue....
everybody i have asked so far just goes "thats wierd" and thats as far as i get! lol. i am not an experienced mechanic and i am learning as i go along, so.. laymans terms please!!!! lol.
has anyone experienced this problem? and if so how did you fix it???? we love our old bus and want it well again.
thanks in advance, laura xxx
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