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Oil in cooling system

Created On Monday 3, March, 2008 7:06 PM by jakebrake

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Note Monday March 03, 2008 19:06 View thread in raw text format
Diesel Talk
I got a 2001 Isuzu 270 horse power motor and im getting oil in the coolant system. Im thinking the oil cooler is the problem but not sure any suggestions?
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Diesel Talk
I used to have a duramax (isuzu) that had the same turned out that there was a tiny hole in an (in block) oil line feeding the turbo and valve train. I could run it for 5 minutes...shut it off...pop the hood....twist off the burp tank cap and it would blow the cap half way across the yard. Obviously compression was entering the cooling system via this tiny hole. GM replaced the motor after having a heavyweight slugfest with mgmt.....I don't know what your particular set-up is but this was my personal run-in with oil in the cooling system....maybe it will lead you in positive direction??

01 duramax diesel LB7
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Note Friday December 28, 2012 19:09 View thread in raw text format
Diesel Talk
you are quite likely correct, but not limited to this possibility alone. I would get it up to temp, shut it off, and pressure up the cooling system to 16#. It should show some coolant in the oil after a half hour of being under pressure with the engine off. And you should see the pressure on the tester drop from a leak. With the engine running the oil pressure is higher, so it will show up in the rad, so with the engine off it should show coolant in the oil. Depending on how the failure occured in the cooler, it may, or may not, pass coolant back to the crankcase with the oil pressure @ 0. It could still have a cracked block or head, or if it has a water cooled turbo, it may have a crack in the turbocharger cartridge (bearing housing) allowing oil to leak into the cooling system, but this is highly unlikely. If the source cannot be located by this method, I would still consider changing out the oil cooler if it had a pile of miles on it, or if you know the cooling system has not had the best care. If it has been lacking for cooling system corrosion inhibitor over the years (DCA), the cooler may have failed, from corrosion, to the point where it is the cause of your problem. Worst case scenario, it may have been run with straight water, which would leave it at great likelyhood for corrosion, or even possibly freezing and breaking.

gregory l ralyea
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