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cat 3116, 1991 topkick, how to check fuel pump pressure?

Created On Thursday 8, November, 2012 2:01 PM by texasgeezer

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Most local shops will not work on the 3116. One shop wants about $300 to check fuel pump pressure.

Which plug on the second filter housing should I remove to install a fuel pressure gauge? I'm selling it & would like to make sure this is in spec before I sell it. Thanks. (It is a low use engine but is about 30 years old now)
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It has been a while but I believe the fuel line going out to to cylinder head will have a t with a plug in it. That is fuel pressure to head. Check it there. Here are the specs. The typical fuel pressure to fuel gallery (7) that is internal to cylinder head (1) can vary. At rated rpm and load condition, the fuel pressure to the fuel gallery should be 200 to 400 kPa (29 to 58 psi). At low idle, pressure regulating orifice (2) in tube assembly (3) maintains a minimum fuel pressure of 50 kPa (7.3 psi) to the injectors. Check valve (4) prevents fuel from leaving the cylinder head fuel gallery.
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