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bobcat 873 BF4M1011F shut's down after an hr or 2 running

Created On Thursday 7, July, 2011 2:13 PM by dawsonj

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
this started happning after the suction tub came off in the fuel tank I traced it down when there wasn't any fuel getting to the
feed pump have fixed that and it run's good for an hr or 2 then starts missing when I here that ill stop oper. and some times it will straten
out and some time it may shut down Sence this I have changed fuel filter fuel line at feed pump that looked to be kinked took the feed pump apart and cleaned the screne I have also had to replace the fuel shut off silenoid a few mounth back But if it was that the onbord
diag.would have showed a code anyway after an hr or 2 of running it shut's down 5 min later i can start it and run for 10 or 15 min befor
it happens again please help me I am confused
Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk Forum
Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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I would recomend to take a close look at the inside of the fuel tank.. there might be a rag or some like it and it clogs the suction line once in a while... when engine stops its gets released from suction pipe due the disapear of the suction action of pump... has happend to me.... Regards from Venezuela

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk Forum

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