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How does a diesel work?

Created On Saturday 6, August, 2016 10:46 AM by greasemonkey

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Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I don't know very much about diesels. I understand how they work, but I don't know how the injector pump works and how it's timed or how the injectors fire. If anyone can tutor me a little I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk Forum
Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hi there,

Saw your question with regards to how a diesel engine work.

We are the official distributor of Kubota engines and spare parts with more than 30 years of industry experience.

The operation of a diesel engine is all about producing high temperature and high pressure air continuously. Piston, connecting rod, crank and cylinder form a mechanism called slider-crank mechanism. The linear motion of the piston is transformed to a rotary motion at the crank. During the motion of the piston, the top most point it can reach is called Top dead centre (TDC) and the bottom most position the piston can reach is called as Bottom dead centre (BDC). This mechanism is properly supported in an engine block. Cylinder head, valves and fuel injector are fitted above the engine block.

When the piston moves downwards, inlet valves open and fresh air from outside is sucked in (suction stroke). During the return stroke, inlet and exhaust valves are closed and the air inside the cylinder get compressed. During the compression stroke, the piston does work on the air. So the temperature and pressure of the air will rise to a level which is higher than the self-ignition of the diesel. An atomized form of diesel is injected into this compressed air. The fuel gets evaporated and undergoes an uncontrolled spontaneous explosion, as a result the pressure and temperature rises to a higher level.

Feel free to visit our website for a more detailed write up on the topic.

Ethan Tan
Genuine Kubota Spare Parts distributor
Diesel Talk Forum
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