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Water Filter

Created On Sunday 14, October, 2012 2:34 PM by frliner

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Bought a 01 Western Star. It has a 6nz (475) It does not have a water filter on it. The coolant system has the red anti-freeze in it. I was told that with the red anti-freeze you do not have to mix any chemicals in it for electralisys. is this true? Also so I should put a water filter on it? Thanks for all the help.
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Diesel Talk
This coolant is referred to Cat elc Coolant. It was intended to go 500 000 miles then you would add an extender and it would go another 500 000 miles. It is very prone to cold water leaks and my experience has been not so good. The engines I have torn apart looked very dirty or rusty inside as I do not believe it provides very good corrosion protection. Head gasket problems between 400 000 and 700 000 miles were common on C 15 engines. I would always run a coolant filter weather I had elc or standard green coolant or any other product. You will have to add that if you choose. If you do run a filter with Elc you have to make sure the filter is just a filter and contians no DCA for liner protection as that is in the red Cat branded Elc and if you over concentrate on Dca you will have water pump problems as the excess Dca will build up on the shaft in the seal area and possibly cause a coolant leak. Another down side is if you add anything but the Elc coolant or a product that is designded to mix with it you loose the so called extended use and have to dump it and refill with fresh Elc to gain back the protection. I would dump it and add a filter. Go with low silacate green of your choice and add Dca by changing the water filter on a regular basis. You can find more info at Cat .com The basic premise was to eliminate the constant checking and adding Dca for liner protection as it is usually not done and causes other problems.
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