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Created On Saturday 9, May, 2015 3:05 PM by SteveP53

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Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hi All -- have a 92 GMC with a 3116 Cat, cranks like a SOB but won't even attempt to fire, not even with WD-40 or ether. Ran when it was parked about a year ago, so kinda surprised. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this ol' girl running again will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.....

-------------------------'s all good.....
Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk Forum
Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Turn key on check for power and fuel solenoid. If no power ignition circuit problem. Remove solenoid and crank should start. If you have power pull valve cover. Put a small vice grip on fuel rack, gently rotate rack with key on to make sure it will move and is not stuck in the fuel off position or that an injector is stuck not allowing rack to move. If it will not move determine why. If it will move have some one crank engine will moving rack in fuel on position. Engine should start. If it does start by manually moving rack but not on its own you have a worn out governor. If it starts on its own after that it was probably stuck rack. Be sure you have fuel going to the engine before you try all these checks pull return you should see fuel when cranking.
Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk Forum

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