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Big Cam 3 Cummins 400 Hr

Created On Sunday 26, February, 2012 12:36 PM by DerekVotaw

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Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Does anyone know how much horsepower I have to give the motor with a 3.36Gear ratio to get the maxium fuel mileage to atleast 6 mile per gallon. Can it be done? Motor is Big Cam 3 Cummins 400 Hr in a cabover.

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Diesel Talk Forum
Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
I had a big cam 4 cpl 676 that was turned up a bit and i could honestly push 7 mpg in the warm months but in the winter months 5.5 was the best on average. Cooling was converted to full flow because the low flow just dont cut it and is problematic.Also installed an air to air. The timing was set up 3 thousandths hot and i was shootin for 500 to 525 hp .Fuel pump was pretty much stock other than a few minor tricks ..never had a dyno but she would keep up with the kitties out there.She had a 15 spd OD with 3.36. I found that if i operated the engine say below 1700 -1800 fuel mileage would suffer but if i kept rpms around 2000 she did everything ya would ask for.She was a bit more smokier than say most of the big cams at start up and at idle and especially in the cold but i think if i changed the turbo i think it would of solved that problem.
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Diesel Talk Forum

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