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Need help from DD16 guru's

Created On Friday 2, June, 2017 10:17 AM by Codynidaho

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hey there. I am new to this forum which can usually be a bad thing... I'm here trying to seek help with a problem I cant seem to solve. If you're a DD16 guru, I hope you can help me. Let me tell you what I have going on...

I have a 2011 frtlner with a DD16 Detroit. It has 378k miles. I've done a full delete to it(egr, Def,dpf, with a 10% power increase).

The other night, I notice a fuel leak coming from one of the two fuel ports that are located on the top rear part of the common rail. I quickly put it out of service to prevent anything catching fire. Note the truck was running perfectly except for this leak. No engine problems.

I assumed it was cracked at the fitting but was hard to tell so I began the removal process of the common rail. With just a couple wrenches, I had the rail out in no time. I removed only four electrical connectors. The fuel pressure controller sensor, inlet temperature sensor, and the two plugs for the injectors and Jake brakes.

Once inspected, I confirmed that there was no way it was cracked and had to be a loose B-nut. I proceeded to clean all the fuel parts I removed very thoroughly and began reinstalling everything. All went back together perfectly with no apparent damage to any parts.

Once all back together, the truck turns over fine but does not fire up. So a master mechanic and I proceeded to ensure the fuel system was bled all the way up to the injectors. Still, no start. We confirmed it was getting strong fuel pressure too. It very much is. We used starting fluid just before the intake butterfly valve and the results were the truck was running solely in the starting fluid. Once the starting fluid was removed, the truck quickly stopped.

We then wondered if the ecm somehow went bad. We hooked up the diagnosticlink8 program. We found codes from when I disconnected the four plugs( I forgot to disconnect the battery). We cleared the codes and they never came back on. We continued to pull plugs throughout the engine to see if the ecm would read it. Results were the computer noticed ever error we created.(including the plugs to the injectors to ensure they were getting power)

In conclusion, the truck turns over but does not start. If anybody has advice or suggestions that I can try or inspect, your help would be greatly appreciated. I've been down for three days and of your an O/O, you know the feeling of downtime. I will check this post periodically during my troubleshooting... Thank you for any help you provide.

Cody Aery
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