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Created On Friday 15, November, 2019 3:22 PM by JS123456789

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hi I have a 2007 freightliner classic with the 14L Detroit 60 series in it. The problem I am having is when I try to rev it up in neutral the rpms climb very slowly until about 1200 rpm then my boost climbs and the engine sounds and responds great. The boost gets up to 7 psi at 1000 rpm and the climbs to 15 to 25 as the rpms increase to 2100. The turbo runs at 2100 rpms at an idle, 4600 at 1000 engine rpms and then 6000 at 1500 engine rpms. The max rpms I can get out of it is 8700. There is a brand new vpod, turbo, and delta p sensor. However there is a small exhaust leak at the top hinge of the turbo actuator where the pin goes into the turbo. The exhaust manifold was leaking at the swivels so I replaced that as well. Any ideas as to why I have such an engine lag until 1200 rpm?
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