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6v92 low power

Created On Thursday 14, October, 2021 3:36 PM by stevec

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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
howdy, just signed up
Ive got a 6v92 ddec2 in a motorhome, its down on power after a 7000 mile trip. the boost is usually 27 lbs, now 17
what ive done so far changed fuel filters, air filter, pulled the restricted muffler, changed the boost sensor, pulled the blower bypass valve to make sure it isnt stuck, checked the turbo spins free bearings feel good vanes are perfect, checked fuel pressure at 40 idle 60 at 1000 rpm, 75 at no load, It blows black smoke when you get on it and has no power, i have run it with the boost sensor hose disconnected no difference, I have no codes, if im on a slight hill it will blow a steady stream of smoke and barely move, you could easily get into a situation where it wont move,
maybe somebody can help, the motor starts and idles good no noises has 80,000 miles and has been properly maintained,
and driving me crazy, any 2 stroke gurus out there
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