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Spare Part Info

Listing ID 554525
Description Cylinder head
Condition New
Quantity 10
Price 600

Alternative Part Numbers

Part Number Brand
3406B Cylinder Head 1105096

Engine Specifics

Engine Make Caterpillar
Engine Model 3406B Cylinder Head 11050
Cylinders 6

Location Info

Country China


BLOCK PLATE  3306 7N7998 Cyl.Head 3406A 110-5097  7W0010 Crankshaft forge C7
BLOCK PLATE  3304 7N0821 Cyl.Head 3406B 110-5096  7W0009 Crankshaft forge C9 2611544
COVER 3306 2W1086 Cyl.Head 3406C 110-5095  7W0007 Crankshaft forge C13 3133997
CYL.BLOCK 3304 1N35764 Cyl.Head D342DP    8N6000 Crankshaft forge C15 2219360
CYL.BLOCK 3306 1N3576 Cyl.Head D342   8N6004 Crankshaft forge C6.4 2941749
CYL.BLOCK 3066 212-8566 Cyl.Head 3408A 7N0858 Crankshaft forge 3304 4N7692
CYL.BLOCK 3116 149-5401 Cyl.Head 3408B 7W2225 Crankshaft forge 3306 4N7693
Front Cyl.Head S6K/3066 183-8171  212-8564 Cyl.Head 3412DI 7W2243 Crankshaft forge 3066 1253005
Back Cyl.Head S6K/3066 183-8174  212-8562 Cyl.Head 3412PC 7N0848
Cyl.Head 3204/3208 6I2378 Cyl.Head 3116 140-7373
Cyl.Head D330C 7S7070 Cyl.Head 3126 175-3218
Cyl.Head D333C  1P4303 Cyl.Head C6.4 297-7644
Cyl.Head 3304PC 8N1188 Cyl.Head C6.6 309-6663
Cyl.Head Assy 3304PC  7N8534 Cyl.Head C7 219-5845
Cyl.Head 3304DI 1N4304 Cyl.Head C-9 311-7226
Cyl.Head Assy 3304DI 7N8874 Cyl.Head C9 312-4207
Cyl.Head 3306PC 8N1187 Cyl.Head C11/C13 345-3752
Cyl.Head Assy 3306PC 6N8103 Cyl.Head C10/C12 179-9461 148-2144
Cyl.Head 3306DI 8N6796 Cyl.Head 3406E/C15 245-4324
Cyl.Head Assy 3306DI 7N8876 Cyl.Head C18/C15 ACERT 223-7263
Cyl.Head 6D155 6128-11-1022 Cyl.Head M11 2864024
Cyl.Head 6D170 6162-13-1103 Cyl.Head K19 3811985
Cyl.Head 6D125-1 6151-11-1102 Cyl.Head QSX15 4962732
Cyl.Head 6D125E-2 6151-12-1101 Cyl.Head ISDE/QSB6.7L 3977225

Caterpillar Cylinder head

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