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Spare Part Info

Listing ID 283035
Description Turbo
Condition New
Quantity 100
Price 150

Alternative Part Numbers

Part Number Brand
709836-0003 Mercedes
6110960899 Mercedes

Engine Specifics

Engine Make Mercedes
Engine Model OM611
Cylinders 0

Location Info

Country China


Mercedes-Benz turbocharger diesel engine parts special list:

Vehicle Model OEM No. Application
MERCEDES-BENZ K27.2 53279707120 9060964699 OM906
MERCEDES-BENZ K16 53169707129 9040968599 OM904
MERCEDES-BENZ K16 53169707159 9000960299 53169707125 9040967699 OM904
MERCEDES-BENZ K27 53279706502 0040966099 OM442
MERCEDES-BENZ TB4122 466214-0026 OM422
MERCEDES-BENZ K27 53279706206 53279886206 0030965599 OM422
MERCEDES-BENZ S410T 319367 0080967799 OM457
MERCEDES-BENZ K27 53279706441 3760960699 3660961599 3660961499 OM366
MERCEDES-BENZ S400 317405 0070964699 316428 316699 OM501
MERCEDES-BENZ K27 53279706523 0080961799 OM502
MERCEDES-BENZ S400-14S 166643 4760968199 318257 S400S014 OM447
MERCEDES-BENZ TO4B81 3660960299 465366-0018465366-0013 OM366
MERCEDES-BENZ TA4521 466618-0013 0040965099 OM441
MERCEDES-BENZ 4LGZ 52329703293 0020961299 OM355
MERCEDES-BENZ S400 0070967699 317471 170470 OM457
MERCEDES-BENZ S410 0080965099 318932 318960 OM457
MERCEDES-BENZ GT1852V 709836-0003 6110960899 OM611
MERCEDES-BENZ GT2538C 454207-0001 A6020960899 OM602
MERCEDES-BENZ GT2538C 454184-0001 A6020960699 OM602
MERCEDES-BENZ GT174 704059-0001 6110960299 OM611
MERCEDES-BENZ K24 53249707114 9240961799 53249887120 OM924
MERCEDES-BENZ S1B 313712 314203 3640964199 OM364
MERCEDES-BENZ K31 53319706911 53319886911 0100961799 OM501
MERCEDES-BENZ TA5104 466478-0012 CV12TCA

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Mercedes Turbo

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