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Cat C-15 Valve Lash Adjustment Procedures 0 possum Sep/23/2011 06:07 AM
by possum
Problems with brand new C13 blowing white smoke 6 GreenvilleFD Sep/19/2011 05:05 PM
by marc7242
Blown oil cooler coolant hose 1 braveone Sep/06/2011 09:03 PM
by tdcrash63
3406E hard starting sometimes 5 prostreet88 Sep/02/2011 08:30 PM
by lefty1316
3406E oil loss comming out blowby 12 Uturntrucker Aug/31/2011 05:06 PM
by desertstormboy
6NZ Questions 4 frliner Aug/31/2011 05:02 PM
by desertstormboy
Need some advice for putting an old 3406B Back to work. 2 TruckinGeek Aug/30/2011 08:55 PM
by TDcrash63
Looking for a Rexroth A8VO107 Hyd Pump 4 katzman Aug/30/2011 12:53 PM
by joez
3116 Truck VS Industrial 1 katzman Aug/30/2011 03:54 AM
by joez
3406E miss 1 gatordoc903 Aug/22/2011 04:36 PM
by theakerstwo
3126 rough idle then dies 3 jcross Aug/18/2011 07:58 AM
by desertstormboy
black smoke and soot 1 mbaker Aug/17/2011 08:11 PM
by theakerstwo
BACK IN ACTION 4 desertstormboy Aug/11/2011 01:36 PM
by theakerstwo
c15 uses 1 gallon every 1600 miles 2 rhom Aug/08/2011 01:39 AM
by Uturntrucker
1996 3126B Engine Oil Cooler 23 bobbinalong Aug/05/2011 09:46 PM
by bobbinalong
c7 blowing oil out 3 crankshaft Aug/05/2011 09:11 PM
by desertstormboy
3126 64-11 code 1 beaver Aug/05/2011 08:59 PM
by desertstormboy
3126 high fuel pressure 2 JTDGator Aug/05/2011 08:58 PM
by desertstormboy
Loose Motor mount bolts 3 BClogger Aug/05/2011 08:55 PM
by desertstormboy
3406E oil and fuel in coolant 4 prostreet88 Aug/05/2011 08:52 PM
by desertstormboy
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