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1st time here...HELLO FELLOW IH'RS!!! ...i need help please...

Created On Monday October 27, 2008 17:00 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Hi to all and nice to meet you.(I think I will start over)

Hi to all and here I am introducing myself! Thanks for having me.

I just got a 99 4700 and I already lost the keys for it. I have owned a 89 S1700 with a versalift bucket/boom utility box for 4 years now and have lost the keys 2 times with that one. No problem, install a few neon transformer switches and hardwire them to the ignition harness and you no longer need keys, right?! Well, I guess technology changes things and we now have computers in our vehicles. So, for the last 4 days I have been starting the 4700 by having the 2 ignition wires twisted together and applying the 12volts by jamming the twisted pair into the 12v female slot of the connector Then touching the starter signal wire to the remaining exposed wire until it fires right up.

This morning I went to move it, so I can keep on the project of putting my bucket/boon onto the 4700 with aluminum bedding/floor and just kindda size up what I AM UP AGAINST... I took off the alluminum bed from the 4700 last night so the pedistal can be mounted to the frame sometime and it is always fun to work on a new vehicle\ Well I wasn't to brite when I did the teardown of the electrical that feeds the boxes and stuff, as well as the chelsea pto ,for the compressor and its guages mounted in a side bin....I just ripped that box off without cutting any wires or takin the time to label anything important.

So, is there any sort of safety feature for rear tailightss missing or some other peice of wire that I am not taking into considerqtion when starting my motor? Or how a bout something that needs to be grounded, that I ungrounded when basically I cut all wires going back, except for I didn't use a wire strippers...I used a sawzall. And going back to the key issue....I have started it just fine until this morning so that leads me to think it is something I cut off the utility side of the truck...Yesterday when "hotwired/hardwired" I must have slipped off the 12v 4 times during the first millisecords off trying to start it and I don't know if that screwed thingds up for me or not..but I definetly have something happening here...just wish I knew what it was....

I apprecreciate any responses...
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WOW!, someone remind me to stick a sawzall in my ole cornwell box! (haha)

Well as far as an internet search, i've found that finding a 4700 wiring diagram is like pulling teeth.
But a simple phone call to my local international dealer found one in 1 minute at no cost!

Maybe you should call yours to get one!

I did go out to the shop to look at my 4700 service truck, and pictured what all you have cut. (wow)

Anyway, there is nothing noticeable going to the rear of the truck that would prevent it from cranking,
However while cutting the wires, you may have blown a fuse.
Have you checked all the fuses under the dash? In the battery box there are several in-line fuses
also check under the hood on the forward firwall under the windshield.

Even the "slipping off the 12v" as you described can blow a fuse.
I'd put my money on when you were cutting the rear wiring harness, you shorted across a hot wire and a ground.

And for future reference: Make a spare key, then use bailing wire or another decent wire to wire it under the hood, or truck where you know where it is, just in case you loose the key again.

Also, if you do have to "bypass" the ignition, simply install a toggle switch for power, and a momentary contact switch such as a starter button to start with.

Hope that any of this helps!

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