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3406B front cover

Created On Wednesday October 21, 2015 20:01 Diesel Talk
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Im working on a caterpillar 3406B, and trying to get to the inner gasket behind the front cover and divider plate . I have the front cover off, the water pump gear off, the bull gear off, the air compressor idler gear off, but cant figure out how to get intermediate plate off in order to reach that inner gasket. Can you pull the cam gear, without pulling the whole cam? The fuel pump gear and cone also need to come off to pull that intermediate plate which I have to remove to get to the inner gasket.

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There is a couple of different ways to tackle this. 1 Rotate engine to TDC 1 Pull valve covers, Jake Brakes, loosen up rocker levers and remove push tubes from engine to unload cam. Then remove timing advance from fuel pump. Remove camshaft retainer fasteners and slide cam ahead 1/4 inch or so. Remove 8 bolts holding on gear plate, tap it of dowels or pry through front opening by bull gear then twist and rotate it outward and it will come out. Be careful to not pull camshaft out to far as lifters will fall down off lobes. 2. Rotate engine to TDC 1 pull timing advance off. Loosen cam bolts about a quarter of an inch. Pry cam gear forward very carefully being certain to not damage gear or teeth. Then remove plate as above. if it will not squeeze out loosen cam bolts and pull forward a 1/16 of a inch until it passes by 3 Pin engine at TDC 1 pull timing advance. Install puller on cam gear. Heat with rosebud while pulling on gear with puller. Once gear is removed pull plate. After reseal you will have to heat gear to reinstall making sure to seat it fully on cam. 1 is the easiest but more time consuming. 2 is not bad after you have done it a few times. 3 can be a pain in the ass as the gear does not go on or come off easily. Be sure to time cam gear, Bull gear and crank gear as needed. Do not forget seal on dowell going into cover. torque all internal bolts. I would pull pump and reseal all seals on backside of pump as well as mounting seals and all plugs below pump, rail plugs for unused dipstick holes because pan is off. Check flyweights in advance as well. cheers
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