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60 series injector height

Created On Sunday March 28, 2021 15:19 Diesel Talk
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I have 2000 12.7L 500 E...its a little cranked with Pittsburgh Power box that I usually run on level 2, with a big Turbo and drilled fuel return. Unit runs well, but I have had one particular tune up that just made the engine pull and run supremely well....I was 75000 kg gross and keeping up with 550 cats pulling 10000 kg less all day long...I believe the Detroit Technician knew what he was doing and may have set my 82mm injector height a little on the tight side. I noticed that Detroit recently amended the injector procedure for N3 injectors....of course I have N2s in my DDEC 4. I was wondering if there would be any harm in setting N2s with the same method...of turning the engine untill you get maximum downstroke of injector plunger, then bottoming the injector to the tune of 40 inch lbs and then backing it off 3/4 to 1 full turn. I know back in the day there were two basic ways to set Cummins 350 and 400s, but I always found the had more hp and were smoother running doing the bottoming method. In my mind the slight advancement in injector timing makes a world of difference. I just don’t want to fark anything up....just want to know if anyone has done it this way and if they regretted it.
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I stopped using the height tool and started using the N3 method years ago.

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