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6.5TD in a 1979 Ford, no Flames please :)..

Created On Wednesday December 28, 2005 13:44 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
beings how we're all adults here - we can get past the whole Chevy vs Ford stuff in the topic. With that said....
I'm installing a pre 95 GM 6.5TD diesel into a 1979 Ford SuperCab (which was a gas rig before - duh). I'm am still in the planning stage - and the 6.5 still has a head off (so its not ready to even go in for fitting motor mounts yet). This is my first "newer" diesel engine that I've worked with (I'm from the old school 70's Cumming/Cat era, and 18 wheeler crowd). I have an early to mid 90's GM 6.5TD (I'd say a 93 +/-).

1) is there a way to check the years by the casting numbers or a protector plate somewhere on the engine itself? Because I would like to know what more is needed for the engine to get its needed signals for the fuel pump (which in this case is an aftermarket pump) and etc....

2) which brings me to #2, with the year known, when did GM start with computers for running the 6.5TD ? I do not have anything CPU wise for this engine. And, would like to NOT have to use an engine management for this engine.

The fuel-pump is of the PMD style, (this is an aftermarket "stickered" unit, I would assume that I would have to have management for the PMD? wouldn't you??) but looks the same as others I've seen in the early 90's 6.5 engines.

So, I'm just wondering where I'm at so far. If I can get an idea as to where to look on the engine for ref. #'s . That would help in the final part of this conversion. I don't know the true origin of this engine - I just know it came from a 90's 2500 rig. I have the cross-over pipe - all engine accessories, VAC pump, alt, turbo (mounted) etc.. (minus the A/C stuff) - Radiator, hoses, ... etc..

I'll leave the whole Veggie oil (fuel) part of this conversion out of the equation at this time smile. I think someones head on here (including mine) may explode smile.

Thanks for any helpfull info.

Edited: Wednesday December 28, 2005 at 14:44 by Wankel
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I'm not sure about any casting numbers or plate that may ID the engine,but the 93 and older engines use a Stanadyne Roosa Master DB2 distributor type pump located in the V of the engine. The 94 and newer engines use a Stanadyne electronic fuel injection pump that had a pedal position module on the accelerator pedal that worked with the PCM. Do you have a accelerator cable connection or wire connections?

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