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BF4M1011F overheating?

Created On Tuesday September 26, 2006 07:28 Diesel Talk
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I have an 873 Bobcat with the BF4M1011F engine that indicates an overheating condition according to the gauge. I have been taking advice from the local Bobcat dealer and I am unsure of their advice. I have rebuilt the cooling fan drive. replaced belt and tensioner, replaced the temperature sending unit, checked and cleaned the thermostat, and the relief valves. I have changed all filters and engine oil. I have cleaned the oil coolers repeatedly. I have checked the oil output temperature at the thermostat and it was 227 F degrees when the gauge was in the yellow, input was 140F degrees. The machine has 2,340 hours and had a new head gasket put on at 1,961 hours to cure an oil leak. Do I have an engine problem or is this electrically related? Any help you can give me woutd be greatly appreciated. I am out of ideas and so is everyone I talk to. Thanks Carter
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Dear Certer,

This "oil-cooled" Deutz BF4M1011 engine is allowed to run safely up to temparatures around 120°C !

The 227 Fahrenheit is aprox. 109°C so this should not be any problem for the engine

best regards,

Martin Aarts
ADT bv
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