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Changed the sensors harness now MID=128 fault code

Created On Friday October 01, 2021 12:19 Diesel Talk
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Detroit Diesel 60 Series. 1998 manufacturing year. 1 550 000 miles
Replaced the sensors harness (old one seemed to work good, just old), replaced oil pressure sensor (faulty), replaced engine booster sensor (faulty).
Opened the valve cover to check the injector harness, touched it. Looked good to me so I didn't replace it.
Had leak at the exhaust manifold. Replaced the gaskets. All good. Replaced gaskets at the intake manifold too.
Removed the connections from the computer. took off, cleaned up. Connected back on with the new sensor harness. One thing: I don't think I disconnected ther batteries connection when I did that.
After I put everything togheter I have one code:
Engine Faults Overflow
Can't find anything online with just that code. It seems it's all about the new harness. Should I disconnect from computer, remove batteries connections and hook it back on?
Thank you
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