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DPF Removal

Created On Tuesday May 26, 2020 17:03 Diesel Talk
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Hello Guys,

I am new to the forum and I must say there are some really helpful and itelligent discussions taking place in here. I have a Deutz TCD 2.9 L4 Engine with a DPF, and today I need your help with 2 issues PLEASE. The engine is installed on a 2019 Wacker Neuson Dumper. The machine/engine is designed to use ULSD and unfortunatly this type of fuel is not available in my country, and it will not be anytime soon.

I have run the machine for 94 HRS and the DPF became clogged up before we performed a REGEN, because the machine was in "Manual Regen Mode". As a result of this, the machine entered into "LIMP" mode and it will only rev to about 900RPM and it dont have any power. Since then I removed the DPF and did almost a 30 Minute cleaning process on it. However, even now that i have reinstalled it on the machine, the error code still remains and as a result the machine is still in Limp Mode. The error code on the screen is SPN4781

I have the Wacker Neuson software and Interface to communicate with my machine, but when I connect it it shows me the code, but it doesnt allow me to clear it. When I contacted the manufacturer, they told me that is because their interface cannot communicate with the Deutz engine, I need a Deutz interface to communicate with the engine, and wipe this code. That make no sence to me, but.....

So now i need help to do the following:

1. Reset my ECU or my engine without a Deutz Interface or software.

2. Please tell me the best way possible to TOTALLY eliminate this DPF system, because in the absence of ULSD this will be happening to me at least once every month.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for such a long message.

Kurt Elibox
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