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Electrical Issues with Yanmar model 4TNV98-GGE

Created On Friday May 31, 2013 06:05 Diesel Talk
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I need some help with the DC system of a 32kw generator manufactured by Northern Lights that uses a Yanmar model 4TNV98-GGE. I have exhausted every possible test that i can think of to figure out why i can not get the engine to start. here is the background on the issue
it is a 24 volt system.
i have 25.8 volts at the starter from the batteries.
i have 25.8 volts at the 10 amp breaker
i have 25.8 volts at the #30 terminal of all relays
i have 25.8 volts at the continuous duty solenoid terminal that is fed from the batteries.
these are the only palces were there is power. no other system has power to include the, starter switch, alternator, fuel feed pump, emergency shut off switch, any gauges, hour meter, preheat element, or anything else listed in the wiring diagram.
below is the link to the drawing provided by northern lights of the DC wiring.
i have the NL498-D2

32kw Northern Lights
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