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Engine won't start... Help!

Created On Saturday February 21, 2009 12:41 Diesel Talk
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I have a 97 6.5 TD. I left the contact switch on (with the engine off) for about 20-30min last night by accident. Now she wont start. I get a lot of smoke as she turns over so I have to assume she's getting fuel, but I don't think the glow plugs are turning on. Help!

Update! I had this problem with my truck several years ago so I remembered how to get her started again. Using jumper cables I jumped the + battery terminal to the solenoid that controls the glow plugs. Immediately, she'll start right up and run like the beast she is. But I remember that last ime I had this problem, I changed the solenoid and the problem continued and it only happened when it was cold out. I later had to change the PMD and I didn't have the problem again. Now I don't believe the PMD and this problem are related, but I don't know. Like I said, last time, this problem was intermittent and just went away (maybe because it got warmer or maybe b/c of the new PMD). Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated.

What controls the glow plug solenoid to turn on & off?


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