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Low Oil Pressure 4TNE84-SA

Created On Sunday December 18, 2011 20:12 Diesel Talk
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I have a low oil pressure problem with my Mustang 2040 skid steer. The engine is a 4TNE84 Yanmar with 3600 HRS. The oil pressure light and buzzer are not always on, but rather flutter indicating almost low too almost good pressure. The oil level has always been perfect with 5W-40 Shell Rotella T6 synthetic oil. I have checked the pressure sensor and it is operating correctly. This problem has slowly gotten worse. Before, the oil pressure light/buzzer would flutter for about a few seconds after startup, then go away with no operation problems. Now the light/buzzer indicator are acting up more often. I am looking for advise to go forward in finding the problem. According to Yanmar engine troubleshooting the next step is adjust, check or replace the pressure control valve, however, i can not find that part in the parts diagram or its location in or on the engine. The engine does not act abnormal for the engine hours on it. Just a very, very small puff of white smoke at startup and on a very fast throttle up. This machine is not used every day. At most 1-2 hours a week. I would very much appericate any help in solving this problem. Thank you.
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