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MBE 4000 Dropped Valves (Big Costly Bang)

Created On Saturday August 26, 2017 09:21 Diesel Talk
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My brother has a 2008 Freightliner with a MBE 4000 which has undergone an egr delete and was running fine up to the point where it started to lose power (boost) when good and warm and under load and even missed intermittently. When running empty the problem did not seem to present itself. He took the truck back to Big Rig in Edmonton (who did the EGR delete, reputable diesel shop) and tried to get them to solve the problem. They determined after doing a bunch of diagnostic tests which included swapping injectors from #2 to # 5, that # 2 injector was faulty. They put in a new injector in # 2 and took the truck for a test drive, but never made it back home: the engine dropped valves on # 4 head (which was not worked on by the shop) and completely turned the engine into a boat anchor (hole through the block). My brother has since bought a used engine and transferred the neccesary components including the ecm to this engine. To satisfy his curiosity he had another shop scan the ecm to see the last thing going through the original engines mind at the point of valve breakage. What he did find is that the engine was at full throttle at a top RPM of 2400 when the failure occurred. While this is fairly high RPM I dont think its much beyond governed rpm, and do not believe this contributed to Valve bending or breakage. He has pages and pages of this historical scan, is there anything in particular one should look at? He runs two of these engines and does not want history to repeat itself. After scrutinizing the internet to find people with similar problems, I simply cannot find anything similar in nature, and dropped valves doesn't seem to be a common problem with these engines. Can anyone give me advice as to what might of caused these valves to drop...my brother is checking which ones (valves) actually broke and will get back to me soon. Any help would be appreciated, Gone Fishen...you still out there?

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