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Mack To Issue Tougher Diesel Oil Spec

Created On Wednesday December 17, 2003 19:03 Diesel Talk
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Sept. 15 Amsoil DirectLine Issue:
Mack to issue tougher diesel oil spec

Wanting more stringent requirements for viscosity maintenance, Mack Trucks Inc. plans to replace their EON Premium Plus heavy-duty diesel oil specifications with an updated. The new will require capable of accepting high levels of soot without thickening or compromising wear protection. More stringent requirements in the area of shear stability are also expected to be incorporated into the new spec. Other engine manufacturers have expressed interest in tougher diesel oil specifications as well. The Engine Manufacturers Association, which includes Caterpillar, International Truck, Cummins and Detroit Diesel, plans to petition the American Petroleum Institute to upgrade it CI-4 spec to incorporate new tougher viscosity and shear stability tests.

A certain 100% synthetic lubricant brand already maintain a protective viscosity and shear stability in most severe operating conditions

Rudy Hiebert
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Rudy Hiebert
Amsoil Inc. Dealer
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