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Need electrical help special app / cruise control?

Created On Wednesday June 25, 2014 19:24 Diesel Talk
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I have a 2001 4700 international T444e. I has a hydraulic crane mounted on it. There is a panel at the rear of the truck that has relays and switches. I am having a problem with a switch that raises the idle up when activated. The switch is momentary in the up position (increase idle), center is idle, down is constant icreased idle.

I think the ecm has been altered from factory settings for the curise control. If inside the truck, engine runing in neaurtal, turn cruise to on, press the set switch on the dash and the engine instantly increased idle to a set rpm, the same rpm that the engine is supose to be at with the increase idle switch activated at the rear of the truck.

I am geting voltage to the switch at rear of vehicle, getting it out of the switch, and it has (2) relays that click when the switch is activated. I am guessing that the (2) relays are to send voltage to the "curise on" and the other relay to energize the "set" to allow rmp to increase to the preset rpm.

Can someone explain to me how the cruise function operates as far as voltage or signal. How could this be connected to allow the cruise to be activated by external switches.

I have not yet traced the harnes down to the dash yet to see if it goes to the switches in the dash or if it is going to the ecm.

This vehicle is new to me, it worked before I purchased the truck, it worked when I got it home. The next day it did not work at first but began working after I used the boom for a few minutes. The 3rd day, it did not work and has not since. When operating the vehicle down the road, sometimes the cruise works, sometimes not. May or may not be related to my problem.

If anyone can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I miss the good old days when the engine was controlled by a physical rod with a solenoid to increase the rpm's.
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