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One cyl engine

Created On Wednesday May 25, 2005 00:11 Diesel Talk
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Am gettin' an old mini dozer w/o an engine and am investigating putting in either a gas or diesel engine.
My guess is that the HP rating of what might have been in it is about 7 (possibly a Kohler, to 10, possibly a B&S).
Does Lombardini or any other manufacturer make a diesel that I could possibly use ?

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You are correct .. the original engine would have been a Kohler or possibly a bigger B&S .. and 7 to 10 HP would have been the range.
The crawler could probably handle a 10-12HP diesel, and perform better with an engine that size.

Yes, Lombardini do build a small single cylinder diesel, ranging from 4.8HP to 10HP .. but I would personally be reluctant to install one in your mini-crawler, because, in my experience .. like many singles .. they suffer from excessive vibration.
Earlier models were supplied as a power source for portable welders, and they absolutely shook themselves, and the welders, to pieces.

A small diesel would be better, because they have better torque and less maintenance due to no electrics.
I would personally steer away from aircooled engines due to excessive noise. Air-cooled is O.K. if you can shroud the engine satisfactorily, or sit well away from it, but they are basically a noisy engine. Water cooled may be a little more complex, but is a lot quieter.

My personal preference would be a small twin water-cooled Kubota. They are smooth and quiet .. and cheap, if you buy a Jap used import.
I would expect you're on a tight budget with an old mini-crawler, so I would estimate most new single or twin cylinder engines would set you back more than the crawler is worth.

The Japs have a major amount of small Kubotas available, from their tiny rice harvesters, that they part out. The harvesters are scrapped after a few years, because of rust, but with low hours.
I bought a low hr 9HP twin Kubota, in top condition for AU$700 (around US$500), and it is a smooth running, easy starting, great little engine, which is electric start, and which also came with the flywheel drive coupling.

There are also small twin diesel Isuzu, Deutz, Hatz, Perkins, Mitsubishi and Lister-Petter .. and single cylinder Yanmar, Hatz, Lister-Petter and Robin, available .. as well as Chinese copies .. but I would personally steer clear of Chinese units, due to build quality, and parts supplies, that are still doubtful.

Look on eBay for diesel engines, many sellers have online stores .. such as this guy, who is selling NOS, 11HP twin water-cooled Perkins for US$1250 ..


Lister-Petter 12HP twin

Cheap Chinese Diesel

Lombardini range

Chinese DEK diesel (Yanmar clone)

Located Perth, Western Australia .. Gods own country .. cool

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