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Perkins 404C-22T white smoke from

Created On Friday August 03, 2012 14:04 Diesel Talk
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I have a RC-60 ASV track loader with a Perkins 404C-22T (turbo) engine.

The unit has 1800 hours on it.

It is blowing white smoke from the by-pass tube on top of the valve cover (crankcase breather), smoke starts once the engine warms up to operating temp. Smoke does not change with engine RPMS.

The engine seems seems to run just fine.

The exhaust is as clean as should be. Wondering where I should start looking?

I just bought this machine and it didn't smoke like this when I bought it. I changed the oil and overfilled it a little bit, but now I have drained it down to where the oil level should be and it is still smoking like crazy.

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white smoke is oil being burnt . as opposed to black smoke which is excessive diesel being burnt. Where can the oil be burning ? Hitting a hot exhaust ? Valve?turbo?

Also there are various vents being built into motors now. Maybe one is blocked forcing the smoke to take another path instead of going through the combustion chamber.

Only 18 months old . Ill stop there

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