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another manual

Created On Thursday September 10, 2015 10:46 Diesel Talk
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hi folks
i had such good luck with the link that ponway gave me....TY....thought i would try agian. my old trk is giving me a hard time....jake likes to cut out(actually half of the jake)...at the most inconvient time of course. i've narrowed it down to the wiring harness at the back of the engine on the left, there's a couple of harnesses that merge there. when i pull,tug,push or just repostion them the jake would come back full. the wire harness loams,wiring is old,brittle and starting to chafe here and there. what i'm looking for is a chassis manual for her....1992 frht fld120.... so i know what wires go where and for what(as well as other things i need info on). does anyone know where i can find a free link,pdf,or something that i can down load? i've checked on line alittle and they want $595 for one????! i appriciate any help you folks can give thanks
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Well you might try AccessFreightliner.com create a user name and password. I think you have to wait for approval, but when you can log in go to Applications, select EZWiring enter VIN, model and what diagrams you want. I tried it but they said my 1996 Western Star was too old, but 1996 was before Freightliner had control of it so maybe that had something to do with it. Good Luck!
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