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ford excessive fuel useage

Created On Friday January 22, 2010 17:18 Diesel Talk
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i have a d series 4cylinder ford in a boat.have owned for 27 years and it seems to be using a lot more fuel than it used too.have had the injector pump adn injectors done but no improvement.any ideas please.
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It might have to do with the fuel running through it. Newer diesel fuels (post 2006) have lower sulfur content which equates to a similar but different formulation. While the petroleum manufacture's state it is perfectly safe for older engines, the newer fuels are lacking in the 'healthy' chemistry engines need to operate efficiently. Hence, what you have experienced with burning more fuel than previous to get the same amount of work.

Barring a mechanical issue, the solution could be as simple as including a quality premium diesel fuel additive to you tank with every fill up.

A good fuel additive should include (at a minimum):

Cetane Improver - +5 minimum numbers. Be wary of advertising using terms like 'up to' with cetane. That means they are guaranteeing nothing. You might, or more likely will not get the maximum improvement. Cetane is equates to easier starting, more horsepower, smoother idling, over all improved fuel economy.

Detergency - This helps clean and keep clean your fuel system.

Lubricity - Very important as sulfur works as a lubricity agent, removing it allows for more potential wear scarring on your engine parts.

Most major manufacturer's include 2% bio into their diesel fuels to act as a lubricity agent to counteract the missing sulfur however, bio has a lower horsepower and BTU content. You get less power per gallon...and thus need to burn more.

A good place to start investigating additives is the Internet. I would recommend contacting Amalgamated, Inc in Fort Wayne, IN. I've seen a number of the their customers posting good things about the results they get from Amal's products.

I feel bad that I've just come across your query from 2010. I hope this helps or that you have found a solution to your issue.

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