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Staled Fuel ? Oil ?

Created On Thursday March 11, 2021 13:48 Diesel Talk
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Just bought a seven year old Fuso Canter, that has not done a lot of mileages, only 23,000 Km on the clock, ie about 15000 miles, For the last 30 months, it's been sitting at the owner's yard doing very little. He told me during that time, he has not done any oil changes.

So I took it out for a run, after a few miles, it flags an "Engine System" red flag, but now it seems to have gone after switching off.

My questions is, ( note: I am not a diesel person, only ever owned and serviced pertrol cars )

1) would the fuel there be staled? If so how should I drain it, not much is left, about 15%. Drain it, or dilute it with new fuel?
2) I am changing the engine oi and filter now, would I need to change them ( both oil and filter?) again after a few hundred miles, just to flush it clean ? The old oil is really dirty ?
3) For those who are familiar with the 4P10 engine, where can I find the fuel filter, and check if there are water trapped?
4) Any other issues to worry about,.

Thank you for pointer.


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